Plant People

“Plant people” love to propagate plants to continue growing their collections and to share their passion with friends. Some enjoy propagating plants to trade with others or to sell (to inevitably buy more plants…).

African violets are easy to start from leaf cuttings if you know a few simple tricks. There are literally thousands of named varieties of African violets in the world today; however, only a few standard mass-produced varieties are found in stores. If you want to learn more about African violets a good place to start is the African Violet Society of America and of course, here at Legacy Violets.

Rob’s Chilly Willy

There are standard size violets that can grow to 12 inches across or more, along with semi-miniature and miniature violets that never outgrow a 2 inch pot. One benefit of growing the “minis” is that you can grow a wider variety of violets in the same amount of space as compared to “standards”.

For some tips on successful rooting and potting African violet leaves please check out our videos and downloadable guide. Soon you may find yourself hooked on propagating and trading violet leaves with others!

As violet leaves are shared again and again, “your” violet travels to places in the world that you would never imagine and lives on for future generations. Likewise, it is rewarding to help rare varieties carry on so others can enjoy them. Legacy Violets was created to help people share these special violets and pass on the memories of those who first inspired them to become plant people.